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$NSAV reversal H&S on the 10-minute chart. Once we break 0.055 we will hunt down 0.06, with PR being released later today should give us the momentum run. I believe we break and close through 0.06, once again she should go to 0.10! Remember if she closes over 0.13 we should be flying. What comes after a new high no one can really give you that answer, neither technicals nor fundamentals.

The most exciting about this play is she will be the 2nd publicly traded exchange in the United States, right behind $COIN and we all know where $COIN is trading at. Not saying $NSAV will go that high but dollars is a possibility. I believe anywhere from 1 to 3 years we will find her true value! Just remember, I am a trader so I most likely will be out before then, or maybe I will just sell a portion and hold the remainder. This could be a diamond buried in the dirt of the OTC, very few out there $NSAV could be one of them.

Imo Zelman Yakubov