About Traders Circle
TradersCircle social trading system, Live quotes, stock charts and expert trading ideas

Zelman Yakubov the Founder of Traders Circle is the original theorist and creator of the investor's social trading network. US PATENTS 8,458,084 & 8,458,085, both were approved and accepted by the USPTO. Traders Circle is a Social Trading Network that focuses on the needs and goals of investors, traders, and other members of the financial markets community.  Using our highly sophisticated and innovative platform, Trade Circle members are able to access real-time, web-streamed market data and news headlines from a wide variety of markets, exchanges, and news feed.  Traders Circle members and the community will be able to track the performance of their portfolios, research potential investment opportunities, buy and sell assets, communicate with like-minded traders, and exchange investment ideas with other members.


Commitment to Our Trading Community 

The Traders Circle Network is based on the success of its community of investors and traders.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in terms of experience, Traders Circle will offer you the tools to take your trading successes to the next level.  With its innovative approach to social networking, Traders Circle will enable you to harness the individual strengths of a wide community of traders (of all trading styles and market approaches) and these features will allow you to interact with other traders, learn from their methods, and match their trades in real-time. 


Company Background   

Traders Circle development started in early 2008, was formally founded in January of 2010, and made its products publicly available in August of 2012.  In 2014 the founder temporarily shut down Traders Circle due to expense-related issues.  In 2021 Traders Circle 2.0 will do a soft launchthe founder believes he can carry out his lifelong mission by making Traders Circle the go-to social trading network.  Our team members remain committed to offering customized real-time social media solutions connecting investors and active traders all over the world.  Traders Circle firmly believes that the best way for traders to ensure a long and profitable career in the financial markets is to remain connected to traders with similar goals, strategies, and focus.  To accomplish this, the Traders Circle platform offers social interconnectivity features, web and streaming market data, news from a variety of reputable outlets.  The platform also gives traders the ability to track portfolio activity and trading histories, uncover new investment opportunities, discuss changes in the markets, and interact with a supportive community of like-minded