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$NSAV holding this base at around 0.025. We may have a chance on some upside this week. Remember if she fails here, one more dip should occur and should test under 0.02 briefly, could be seconds, minutes or hours. If that happens I expect her to run back fiercely after. I really believe she bottomed off at these levels and should start heading back up this week, but remember we need to expect worse case scenario and conquer the situation. $NSAV is a buy in my view, but expect a possible quick dip under 0.02 if she collapses, great place to add more shares. I am currently long and still did not load the boat yet as I am waiting for further confirmation.

$NSAV had wild swings the last few months and hope this time she prevails, all who been following me you all already know I speak based on my analysis and my technical trading expertise is saying we are near ready to run once again.

ALL IMO Zelman Yakubov