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The market is beginning to lose steam as sellers seem to be taking control. Multiple scenarios are in play for the world markets to collapse.

1. Institutions are selling out of position prior to the EOY, showing great gains for their customers and the companies portfolio, prior to tax season.

2. Market rallied on inflated prices due to free pandemic $ that kept the global markets moving up at levels we have never seen before. Unfortunately, $ printing has stopped and the real world is coming back to reality. Spending has evaporated and is only diminishing as we progress into 2022.

3. Real estate has pockets of bubbles due to the pandemic as we noticed price increases in multiple states across the country but the big movers of real estate have been Texas, Florida & Arizona. We can see multiple foreclosures come into play in the next 3 years. The feds noticed the possible struggle of homeowners & loan officers started offering a 40-year fixed loan than the traditional 30-year loans, but you have to qualify, no help there for middle-class families.

As the global meltdown happens we may see the OTC rally. Notice how the major indices collapsed while the Russell2000 rallied!

My bet is that OTC will make a comeback in 2022!

ALL IMO Zelman Yakubov