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This is a test, I noticed every time I do a multiple paragraph post errors occur. Keeping trading posts simple and sweet is great but I prefer detailed posts on trading information as well.

We should not have any issues with any thread as I am testing why I have this issue when I provide a multiple-paragraph post.

Everyone should be able to read threads appropriately and in full as it was attended by the writer. Any information that is not shown is crucial for Traders Circle success as it does not provide the full information by the writer for the viewers to read.

Traders Circle has been created for transparency from a writer to their viewers, and we will work and fix any bug(s) or issues we find along the way.

I can only imagine how both sides feel when they do not see the full intended post the write put into place.

I am working really hard to figure out the issue, and Koushik the head developer of Traders Circle is reviewing this bug as I post this message.

This post is also for Koushik to review and fix the bug that is occurring within posts. I am sure he will fix this issue asap.
If anyone has any issues that they notice, reach out to me asap as I do not take glitches likely!

All the best to you and your family.

Happy Holidays,

Zelman Yakubov