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$NSAV All who read my post this weekend the global market meltdown will be geared to stocks traded on the major exchanges. As they started heading south last week, penny stocks started to stabilize. Trading symbols in the OTC have stabilized, $LEAS $NSAV $CBDD and a few others. I believe OTC will run again, but this time around you need to be more selective on your trades.

$NSAV is trading just above the 50 day SMA on the weekly timeframe and bouncing off her support level. I would IMO state her as a buy-and-hold.

Stop orders are suicide here as Market Makers tap a weak support level at 0.026 on Friday, and a 2mm shares stop order got wiped out and dropped her down to real support at 0.022 with a rebound minutes after.

$NSAV said by Christmas things will be taking off, well we are near and OTC is finally bottoming. Why pull the trigger now?

Q1 2022 should be exciting for $NSAV holders and I believe $NSAV found her bottom a week from last Friday and confirmed the bottom of 0.022 on last Friday that just passed.

Buy and Hold IMO below 0.022 would make me sweat, but right now all aboard!

IMO Zelman Yakubov