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$NSAV well I know you longs hate me but I am a trader and follow the trend, do not confuse me for a basher as this is not my attention my views are shared with my followers, it could be hurtful and gut wrenching, but it is what I see. I always tell my audience what I see, I can lie & fabricate a story that is more amusing but no. I say what I see.

There are 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1: We should see her dip to around 0.024 - 0.026. I believe this will be her bottom. I believe this dip will happen at the open and buyer should bring her back up and stabilize moving forward.

Scenario 2: she dips under 0.02 into early next week & starts running up there after.

I have my orders out for both situations, load the boat under 0.02.

GLTA, I believe she is near her bottom we just have to be patient!

ALL IMO Zelman Yakubov